Home Additions

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Give Yourself Room to Spread Out in Beachwood, Ocean Gate or Toms River, NJ

Save yourself the hassle and expense of moving by building a home addition

Are you starting to feel cramped in your home? You could spend thousands of dollars on a down payment for a new house. Or you could expand your usable living space for a fraction of the cost with a home addition. Whatever type of space you need, a builder from A.C.V. Home Improvements, LLC can build it.

To get a free estimate on your home addition in the Beachwood, Ocean Gate or Toms River, NJ area, contact us today.

Let more natural light into your home

If you haven't been taking advantage of all the natural light in the Beachwood area, it's time to talk to a sunroom builder. With a sunroom addition, you can:


  • Bask in natural light without battling bugs or baking in the direct sunlight.
  • Increase your usable living space and property value at an affordable rate.
  • Create a designated space for your hobbies or quality time with loved ones.




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